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Our Brands

Gabrielis is an exclusive Productline with the Symbol ][ on the clip of the pens. The first of its kind was the pen RUFUS in 2014. Next year the G][B brand expanded its offer with SFERA, TUBLA, CELESTE, ELEGA, ERBA and COLO including the original cover of the gift sets. The Gabrielis brand has its own presentation on the website www.gabrielis.cz .


For a better orientation in the wide product range; in 2015 we created new product lines:

This collection consists of selected pens with non-standard designs. One of these pens is our patented FIROL, which was created in collaboration with a development study in Shanghai.

Evergreen includes pens with a timeless design, which we have had on offer for more than 10 years. Yet they still have not lost any of their charm and popularity.