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  • Cat. no.:1510220-44
    Plastic ballpoint pen in blue metallic color and silver clip with a tip for erasing the written text. Refill blue, rubber.
    Stock:On request
    Price / pc.0,98 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1192001-64
    Ballpoint pen with 30% coffee grounds and 70% ABS plastic, scaled design and large clip for the print.
    Stock:On request
    Price / pc.0,35 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1212850-22
    White metal ballpoint pen with color touch end. The logo is lasered in the touch color.
    Stock:On request
    Price / pc.0,70 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1210690-22
    Hliníková propiska se stříbrnými doplňky a měkkým pogumovaným soft povrchem v červené barvě.
    Stock:> 1 000 pc
    Price / pc.0,58 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1211814-85
    Design Ballpoint pen with jumbo refill in blue.
    Stock:> 1 000 pc
    Price / pc.0,70 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1117950-69
    Ballpoint pen made of recycled paper, and accessories with a share of straw
    Stock:> 10 000 pc
    Price / pc.0,22 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1192300-40
    Plastic ballpoint pen made of recycled bottles with transparent light blue body with relief and smooth clip for printing.
    Stock:On request
    Price / pc.0,36 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1180110-48
    Ballpoint pen straw 60%/plastic in natural colors with colored clip and colored rubber grip.
    Stock:On request
    Price / pc.0,33 EUR w/o VAT
  • Cat. no.:1192500-50
    Ballpoint pen with 60% wheat straw and 40% ABS plastic. Structured blue body ballpoint pen with smooth large clip suitable for printing.
    Stock:On request
    Price / pc.0,27 EUR w/o VAT